Practice Philosophy

We resolve problems.

We know that litigation imposes economic and lost opportunity costs on our clients and we want to cooperate with them in ways that mitigate those costs. In almost every case, this means the early agreement between counsel and client on a resolution strategy appropriate to the potential value and risks of the matter. Each case deserves a strategy shaped to its particular characteristics. Often, the appropriate strategy is to initiate litigation before the other side does so, and to work as if the case must go all the way through trial. Other times, less confrontational methods have a chance to be productive early on. Even in contentious litigation there can be’opportunities for settlement negotiations, formal mediation, or private arbitration. In recent years, we have experienced success in some cases with the aid of outside settlement counsel. Using special settlement counsel has allowed us to focus on increasing the leverage of impending trial while having a different group focused on finding a way to resolve the case while leverage remains high.

That being said, in many cases, the threat of trial plays a big role in the resolution of business disputes — whether high stakes or not so high, whether the dispute is between arms-length business interests or among family members. Having counsel with an appetite and skill for trial is essential to the successful resolution of those cases. This firm has a reputation for diligently and effectively working all the phases of litigation, but especially for winning trial work. Over the years, we have achieved multi-million-dollar results for and against individuals, small and big business, small and big law firms.

We assume each client’s ultimate goal is to obtain an optimal, cost- efficient result and we develop the strategy to pursue that goal. Some cases just need to be tried. If your case can be resolved differently, our firm has the skill set, creativity, experience and judgment to implement a solution.